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In this CD of the mixed VERA choir, the sounds and voices of nature are depicted in a combination of joy and serenity. The purpose of folksongs is to express the character of a country or culture through specific harmonies, rhythms or instruments. The VERA singers particularly enjoy the colors of Eastern European and African countries. When one discovers the spirit of a foreign country through its various forms of art, one will find that language is not a barrier, as a new world reveals its secrets. Learning about, and appreciating, different cultures will inevitably create more understanding in the world we live in. Music opens the heart to universality and generates more tolerance. It's a very powerful tool to bring about peace in the world. This CD will evoke a feeling of amazement and will take our imagination on a journey into Nature.
(G. Hainault)

(The lyrics of the Seasons were inspired by lectures of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov - music: G. Hainault)

1. The Song of Summer
Recitative: O our Mother Earth! We will sing to you the four Seasons that show us the path of the Soul.
The sun rises, nature greets the summer! With Archangel Uriel, all of nature is set afire!
Song: The dancing wind blows upon me its round of love, sounds spread in gilded waves over the wheat fields.The blooming nature is sings summer.

2. The Song of Autumn
Recitative: See this abundance! Render grace! Let us offer the song of autumn to the compassionate hearts. O Archangel Mikhael thank you!.
Song: The Earth cares for all her dear children; the Soul reaches the infinite. O Archangel Mikhael, Ambassador of light, proclaim the Truth! Let us gather the most beautiful fruits, and offer them to all! Let us thank the Lord Almighty for the crops!

3. The Song of Winter
Recitative: All the granaries are filled, the time for harvest is over. The table offers us the bread of life.
Soon the earth will sleep... Archangel Gabriel! Prepare us for the birth of this Child of Light!
Song: From the prairie is heard the silence of those who sleep. White snow protects the dreamers.
A flame flickers, the flame of life, tucked away under the snow. Awakened fairies gather in the breath of life to dance joyfully!

4. The Song of Spring
Recitativ: O Archangel Raphael! You lead all the Spirits and the forces of Nature to restore life everywhere in the Universe! Suddenly the earth moves in its bed, the sleepers move in their nest, eyes are smiling! The roots sing the first notes:
Song: I hear the call of spring. It is time to awake in the light of this new life of spring. Hear thousands of birds weaving their nests in the branches, the cry of wild geese striking the silence. The first flower stretches under the sun. The river carries everything away. Spring will always triumph. Thank you sun for your light and your warmth! Because of you spring will triumph!

5. Like the Flame of the World
(Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)
Like the Flame of the world of evolved Souls,
we shower the Light of Your Love upon the whole world, O Lord!

6. O Angels of Glory
(Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)
O Angels of Glory, you who sing eternally, who praise the Creator eternally, send me the strength of your powerful song to become the Glory of the God

7. My God, I Thank You
(Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)
My God I Thank You for all
that You have given to me.
Bless what You have put in me.
Increase light, freedom, kindness! So be it!

8. Promisseul (Providence) (P. Deunov, mus.: G. Hainault)
May the Peace of God live in our hearts,
may His pure Joy and His holy Joy shine!

9. Gospodi Pomiloui (Lord, grant us Your Grace)
(N. Kolesar - mus.: G. Hainault)
Your children are on the path searching for You,
Lord, grant us Your Grace!
The earth rises after difficult and
dark centuries and in its heart awakens
the primordial song of Angels.

10. The Bird (G. Hainault)
My lovely bird flies towards the star of its soul, it will return soon tomorrow. Listen to the song of the Angels which charms us, and sings us a lullaby. Here is a summer fairy which dances in the field,
flies into the night; my bird is following it.

11. Sun (G. Hainault)
Your light offers us the richness of your love. High summits let it flow into the valleys of life, infinitely filled with flowers. O sun, you rejoice the souls with your beauty!

12. The Troika (O. M. Aivanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)
Living force on earth, my horses run in the moors of life towards infinity. I will guide you, follow the path traced by the fire of Spirit! O my heart, obey to gentleness, fly on the wings of purity in the clear winds at dawn, where the rosy sun will be born.

13. Beloved Flame (O. M. Aivanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)
Beloved Flame! Symbol of the Holy Spirit, of Cosmic Fire, of the Sun, enter me and impregnate all the cells of my body so that the
Holy Spirit may one day establish
His dwelling in me!

14. Morning Payer (O. M. Aivanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)
Lord, in the silence of this dawning day, I come to ask Thee for Peace, Wisdom and Strength. I want to look upon the world today with eyes filled with love, to see beyond appearances Thy children as Thou dost see them within Thyself, and thus see only the good in everyone so that only blessed thoughts dwell in my spirit. Let me be so kind and so joyful, that all who come near me feel Thy Presence. Clothe me in Thy Beauty, Lord,
and may I worship Thee all day long. Amen!

15. Our God (O. M. Aivanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)
Our God, with all our heart we wish
that Thou liveth in our Souls. So be it!

16. Ne Li Doumah (Did I not say?)
(Bulgarian Folklore)
Did I not say, dear Mother, that our dear Donka does not remain at home by the fire all day? She should already be in school, Mother. Our Donka should not go to the well in the evening to offer water jugs to the young men. Instead, let her bring water in the evening to the sick.
May she be lively, merry, smiling. May she become an example for all.

17. Flame of My Life (G. Hainault)
Flame of my life you smile in the light of the
dawning day. Thank you for giving me joy!

18. The Star (G. Hainault)
A star twinkles in the Soul of the World for God will raise the dawn of a new era. Halleluia!...

19. Bright golden bells (Ukranian Folklore)
Bright golden bells, soft silver bells, their sound impels, all seem to tell! This joyous day, here people say, in bright array, this holiday! Christmas is here, be of good cheer, all come to hear, from far and near! Sing and repeat! Carols so sweet! Out in the street! Hear the drum beat! Trumpet resound! Dancers abound! Rhythm astound! Music pro-found! Star in the night! Shine down your light!
What great delight, mankind unite! Halleluiah!

20. Saint Mikhael (O. M. Aivanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)
Saint Mikhael above my head, under my feet, to my right, to my left, before me, behind me, Saint Mikhael in the total protection of my aura, I am in the flaming presence of Thy light and Thy sword is my sword! Protect us and accept us in your army to help you bind the dragon!

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