The March of the Luminous Forces (MP3 Download - Full Album)

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With this CD we honor the music of Bulgarian Composer Peter Deunov. Peter Deunov improvised on his violin and created themes and melodies, which were written down only when the composer himself felt they were ripe. This lends a freshness of spontaneous simplicity to them. He knew that there would be a time for these treasures to take root in the music repertoire. Other musicians in the world would discover these gems and fashion them into entire symphonies. Not unlike other great composers, he was inspired by the folklore of his country, using its rhythms and melodic contours. Certain themes seem to emanate from very ancient traditions and almost induce an altered state of consciousness. I personally consider these melodies as a reservoir of knowledge, for when one studies and harmonizes them, they unfold like a blooming flower revealing the core of their beauty. This CD will convey a feeling of joy and inner silence to the listener. (G. Hainault)

«The voluntary soldiers of Christ constantly come to pray and sing in order to radiate luminous forces above their heads, forces of love and light that reach out to restore disrupted order. Unknowingly they receive the blessings of thousands of people. How glorious it is to participate in such a magnificent task! I am explaining this to you so that you can strenghten and enlighten your consciousness every day and know where and how to do this task. It takes conscious, vigilant, intelligent workers so that Light may triumph.»
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Peter Deunov, Philosopher and Composer

Born in Bulgaria, Peter Deunov (1864-1944) was an accomplished violinist and composed hundreds of melodies and songs that became spiritual exercises at the school he founded at the turn of the 20th century. His simple melodies were inspired from traditional folklore. These melodies and songs directed the singers, musicians and listeners toward a spiritual world of Harmony and Beauty. Here is what he said about music:

‘Everything in nature vibrates and emits vibrations that are propagated as
musical wavelengths. This is why one can say that all nature is music. A
music resounds on earth. There is music in the running waters, in the surging waters of the oceans and seas. There is music in the air, in the breeze, there is music in the rustling of the leaves, in the chirping of birds, in the sounds of animals and in the tumult of the torrent. Often, when the wind shakes the trees, a music expands like a great orchestra that an acute ear may appreciate as a symphony.

As soon as cosmic consciousness awakens in man, he develops his capacity to distinguish colors, tones and sounds with acuity. He will become increasingly aware of this great symphony resounding in space. He will begin to hear universal music that fills the entire world. Then he will understand the profound meaning of life.’
Peter Deunov

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