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 This is a collection of songs that are adapted to the voices of women. The character and sound quality of a women's choir can emanate such beauty that, in my opinion, it cannot be matched, even when compared to the sounds of nature.

Every human being was conceived and formed in the maternal womb, thus being constantly steeped in the vibration of a woman's voice. The magical imprint of this very first encounter with sound will remain within us throughout our life. This is how the charm of a woman's voice awakens memories of childhood and takes us back into a state of comfort and security. The first steps in life should always be accompanied with images and sounds of love and beauty. The music on this CD will recreate a feeling of trust and compassion while calming the heart and eliminating all forms of stress. (G. Hainault)


1. Miloseurdieto (P. Deunov)

Mercy is a garden in Paradise, marvellously adorned,

 filled with the splendor of the month of May;

with plants and trees, cultivated in beauty,

and always covered with fruit in abundance.

When a tired traveller comes into the garden,

every living branch greets him joyously:

and offers freely its ripened fruit

with a sincere joy and a gentle smile.


2. Ain Faci (P. Deunov)

O Divine Spirit! You dwell in the celestial vastness,

in the celestial depths, in the celestial heights

where the Light resides and manifests life eternally.


3. Aoum (P. Deunov)


4. Lioubovta E Izvor (P. Deunov)

Love is a spring: it engenders life,

and in life it gently bestows the most sacred beauty.

It always moves forward with goodness for everything.

Up in Heaven it is perfect.

Let us work with love and its grace,

let us bring your support to the suffering souls.

The vivifying sun illuminates man ceaselessly,

it awakens the tiny seeds deposited in him and 

secretly fills his soul with goodness.


5. Istina (P. Deunov - music: G. Hainault)

There is no truth like God's Truth.

Only the Truth of God is Truth.


6. Seigneur Dieu (music: G. Hainault - Lyrics: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov))

Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth,

Master of the Universe, Clement and Merciful Father,

Heart of the Universe, Universal Soul,

Cosmic Spirit, Source of Life, be blessed!


7. Skitah se (P. Deunov)

I was wandering in the forest on a mountain.

Someone unknown to me was at my side.

We were going up and down the luminous peaks

and he was always with me.

On the mountain top, I saw his light

which illuminated me and then he said:

"Remember to always keep the link with up above.

But now, go back down and always remember

to be useful to everyone."


8. Hodi! Hodi! (P. Deunov)

He runs towards the spring in the morning dew

across the limpid river on a pure path!

For his household he brings this pure water,

he gives it to the tiny gentle flowers,

to the little children!


9. Beauty - Mobility (P. Deunov)

Each morning in the early hour, we go out to meet the sun.

 The rays, the air and the dew delight our hearts.

May inspirational thoughts visit us,

And may beautiful feelings grow within us!

May they give sweet, ripened fruits

and may they beautify our life!


10. Weaving (P. Deunov)

Each day, each hour, each minute, we weave

the most beautiful thoughts and we pour out

a saintly and pure life into the souls.

Flowers spread out  their sweet fragrance.

The birds warble and sing in the open sky.

A gentle rain murmurs in the fields and prairies.

Thus, each day, we will work, we will grow,

we will sow goodness, and we will

weave beautiful thoughts into the souls.


11. To Vanquish (P. Deunov)

Day follows night, and joy follows sadness.

We are walking on the path of light,

no barrier can stop us.

Tirelessly we will march with faith and love in our hearts.

Towards victory we will fly

until our eyes contemplate it.


12. How Happy We Are! (P. Deunov)

How happy we are to be alive in this world!

Like free birds, we sing marvellous songs.

Early in the morning, lovingly, we meet with the sun.

He blesses us and gives us life.

The air we breathe is a blessing.

Joyously we return home. All of Nature sings with us.

After the dances, I will go to work losing no time.

Dear water, sweet, alive, you bring new life.

You flow ceaselessly across prairies and gardens.

I love you, I am thirsty for you.


13. Thank You (F. Cockenpot)

Thank You for the beauty of a day,

for the grace of love, for the call of the rising sun,

all vibrant in the wind,

Thank You for the springs of life

for Your infinite breath,

for the life which springs forth,

from the spring of Spirit, thank You!


14. Rose Who Enchants Me (G. Hainault)

Rose who enchants me!

Rose, crown of Angels, pour grace into my eyes!

Bride of Heaven, sweetness of God.

I will emanate your gentleness!

I will sing your harmony.

O my soul, perfume of eternity

offered on the Altar of God, become the white Rose

which opens and is diffused in His Love!



15. In The Arms Of God (G. Hainault)

For one moment in the peace of the heart,

I feel I am rocked in the Arms of God.

Freedom breathes inside of me

like a child born in the Arms of God.

The clear blue heaven brings me His caress.

At day break the sun sings to me His smile.

I become like a gentle child in the Arms of God.


16. The Spinner  G. Hainault

Listen to the song of the child awaiting his first daybreak.

The springtime of his soul is sung by Choirs of Angels,

and spreads perfume in the midst of God's Universe.

The joy of the wait fills me with Love.

 You are a song of love, gentleness of the lamb.

You will be born of Love and of Spirit


17. My Lord, I Offer You My Heart!

(G. Hainault)

Lord God, I offer you my heart!

Love sprang forth from my soul,

forever Spirit calls me.

Your light enflames me with joy,

I offer You my heart, O Lord!


18. The Blue Ether (P. Deunov)

Far, far away from the earth,

in open spaces where conscious spirits

have become pure and fluidic,

we will float in peace, in the blue ether, near God.


19. Gospodi! (P. Deunov - arr: G.Hainault)

Lord! How I love You! I cherish Your trees,

 Your tiny flowers, Your rivers,

Your mountains, everything, that You created!

 I love You!


20. Blessing (G. Hainault)

Blessing, you bring His Presence to the heart of my life.

Suddenly, I feel His Joy, I am consumed in His Light.

From my mouth may henceforth be born the most beautiful children,

the children of His Blessing,

the children of His Love. So be it!


21. The Angel's Embrace (G. Hainault)

Heaven sent me to light in your hearts a divine fire.

Receive the lightning touch of His Eyes

which raptures you!

Become the Golden Vase of His Creation!

Receive the Angel's Embrace,

you will contemplate the Beauty of God!

You will give birth to Celestial Harmony!


22. Beatitude (G. Hainault)

The Angel of Beatitude came to me!

He lifted up my soul to impregnate it with the Goodness of God.

He impregnated the heart of my life with these gentle words:

"I am coming back to you my beloved brother

and I pass on to you the Flame of His Beatitude."


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