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Music for Young Women's Voices

This is a collection of songs that are tailored to the voices of young women. Unlike the sound character of a regular women's choir, women in their youth express a spontaneous and candid sound. In this formation soloists sing in a lower register and stand much closer to the microphone. Formations of small groups render the intimate atmosphere of the passing from adolescence to womanhood. Our intention was to express what an expecting mother might feel, as she experiences this powerful stage of her budding creativity. This CD will convey an empathic feeling of admiration for the purity of feminine expression and the candor of young voices.
(G. Hainault)

1. Ukrainian Folksong
You will foresee my love only during the moonless night, when the enchanted forest sleeps, when love outlines destiny in mysterious braids. Will you discover the secret? I went outside and scattered sparkling stars throughout the sky; in my garden I put them to sleep; I will weave my silver dreams with you.

2. When at Night I Go to Sleep Humperdinck
When at night I go to sleep, fourteen Angels watch over me. Two my head are guarding, two my feet are guiding, two are on my right hand, two are on my left hand, two who warmly cover my head and two who will guide me toward Heaven.

3. Lift Your Eyes to the Mountains Mendelssohn
Lift your eyes to the mountains from whence help will come to you. Help will come from the Lord
who made Heaven and Earth. He won't allow your foot to slip and He who watches over you does not sleep.

4. O ziu Andri Henri Tomasi from Corsica
My very dear Ziu Andria you are really the best
coffee tenant. Your wife is a little awkward she makes good onion soup but it is salted a little too much. Ziu Andria, by all the saints quickly serve us a good Malaga.

5. Ninina Lullaby from Corsica
Ninina, you are my little boat which advances proud, and which does not fear neither wind nor storms of the sea. When you were baptized, the moon was the godmother, the sun your godfather
and the stars in the sky gave you a collar of gold!

6. Lullaby Mozart
My beautiful child is falling asleep! In his bird's nest he will curl up! The rose and the marygold
will also sleep! The shining moon in the sky will see if you close your eyes! The breeze is singing outside: “Sleep, my dear Angel, sleep!”

7. Oï Padroujenki
Russian Folksong
My dear souls, what is happening to me? I can no longer live without my beloved. Love leaves me timid. I am speechless in his presence. O you little bird, tell my loved one that love for him is unbearable. My dear friends, peace which is so dear to me
alas is lost!

8. Adoramus Te Brahms
We adore Thee, we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the World. Lord, give us Thy Mercy!

9. Happiness
Lyrics: Paul Fort ~ mus.: Simone Plé
Happiness is in the field, run quickly or it will vanish! If you want to catch it, jump over the hedge,
run quickly or it will vanish!

10. The Nightingale Lyr: J.-C. Carrière ~ mus.:G. Hainault
The secrets of love are known to me, I repeat my love songs all night long, I move to tears the flower-beds of roses as well as the lover's heart. I teach ever new mysteries, and whoever listens loses his mind, and finds ecstasy. The love of the rose
is sufficient for the nightingale.

11. The Garden Lyrics: G. Musy ~ mus.: G. Hainault
Thank you, dear garden, for giving flowers which smile in all their vivid colors. Thank you for the bee
knitting in its heart a gift from God that feeds us and makes us happy. Blow, spirit of the wind, sing the flowers of Time.

12. O Divine Mother lyr.: O. M. Aïvanhov - mus: G. Hainault
O Divine Mother, Spouse of God! O Shekina! O Queen of Heaven! Be blessed!

13. The Spinner G. Hainault
Listen to the song of the child awaiting his first daybreak. The springtime of his soul is sung by Choirs of Angels, and spreads perfume in the midst of God's Universe. The joy of the wait fills me with Love. You are a song of love, gentleness of the lamb. You will be born of Love and of Spirit!

14. Dewdrop Peter Deunov
Dewdrop, azure world, pure, beautiful and peaceful,
calm, peace of heavenly Life! Through you, I call all my dear brothers and sisters, so that we become your people. Every morning, in the dew, we will bathe our hearts as do the sunshine rays; and we will sing new songs spreading magnificent melodies
so that the glowing Celestial vault resounds.

15. Panis Angelicus Casciolini
Heavenly Bread which has become the bread for all mankind, bread from the Angelic Host, end of all imaginings. O miraculous creation, this Body of God will nourish even the poorest, most humble of servants.

16. Among the Flowers in our Souls
G. Hainault
Among the flowers in our Souls one day came an Angel to convey the flame of Love of the Gardener.
Let us light up the Fire from Heaven! Let us joyfully warm the Earth. Let us cultivate everywhere the spirit of a new life!

17. Prayer
G. Hainault

18. Tantum Ergo
Gabriel Fauré
This sacrament we worship, and the old law cedes to this new ritual. Faith stands in as a supplement
for our defective senses.

19. The Song of the Angels Peter Deunov
Hear the voices of Angels singing. They sing the song of Love: “Glory to our Sublime Creator!
Glory to our Father!”

20. Song of the Trees
G. Hainault
The wind blends with my foliage, the ground supports my trunk. The sun smiles from above: O Sun, you are so beautiful! I grow with the increasing hope that one day the heat of my burning wood will fill hearts with love.

21. The Divine Child G. Hainault
When my divine child will appear as the light of a new world, the night will bless the day, murmuring the most beautiful song. Sing Angel, weave with your hands the white alb this cherub will wear.

22. Moma Toudoro Bulgarian Folksong
Todora had fallen asleep under a tree. A sudden brisk wind blew and broke off a small branch. The young maiden Todora woke up in anger: “O wind! you who blow so powerfully, why did you blow while I was having a luscious dream where my first love came to me with a bouquet of flowers and on these colorful flowers laid a golden ring!”

23. The Little Pear Tree Russian Folksong
Little pear tree, you who stand green and majestic,
everyone admires you. A bright star shines in the sky and I stand alone. My dear beloved one with his blue eyes is far away and my impatient heart
sings to him during the wait. Answer me quickly
beloved because, in the blooming garden, the little pear tree awaits our meeting.

24. Divine Mother lyr.: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov - mus.: Lawrence Traiger
O Divine Mother! Spouse of God! O Shekina! O Queen of Heaven! Be blessed!

25. Wild Flowers
Lyrics: Nino ~ mus.: Jacques Ibert
When, as you stroll along, daydreaming, wandering with your hair flowing in the wind, you cross the plains where the marjoram grows, care not to tread on it, nor crush the laburnum, the vervain, or any little wild flower. Do you know that a Fairy lives
in the heart of the red poppies, in the bosom of daisies?

26. Prayer to the Divine Mother
Guillaume Courmont
O Divine Mother, tender and gentle Spouse of God,
hallowed with Grace and Love, tune our lyres to the sounds of Your Purity, cover our rich and young lives with Your mantle of stars!

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