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This is a collection of songs that are adapted to a mixed choir. When this formation sings "a cappella", the character, the rhythms and the colors can reach an impressive climax of beauty and energy. This is possible when the singers have understood the importance of the homogeneity of sound, expression and intention. Harmony has always been a mystery to me. I am always amazed when I see the impact it has on the listener. I can say that working with amateur singers makes this accomplishment even more rewarding, mainly because of the sincere efforts and the goodwill of those who humbly lend their voices. This CD will certainly evoke a feeling of peace and serenity as it reaches the soul and creates an aura of mysticism. (G. Hainault)


1. Gospodi! (Peter Deunov)

Lord! O how I love Thee, my God!

I cherish Thy trees, Thy flowers, Thy rivers,

Thy mountains, all Thou hast created!


2. Alleluia (N. Kolesar - music: G. Hainault)

Light is spreading throughout the world,

and the soul rejoices in hope. Halleluia!

The Kingdom of God is near.

We will work with love.

Angels are singing hymns

to Christ who is born in our hearts.


3. Da bude blagosloveno

(Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov mus.: G. Hainault)

May Thy Name

be blessed and sanctified

forever, Lord!


4. In Thy Kingdom (Dobri Christov)

vo Tsarstvji

Remember us O Lord,

when Thy shall be in Thy Kingdom.

Blessed are the poor of spirit because

the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.

 Blessed are those who cry for they will be comforted.


5. Bojia Liubov (lyrics: N. K. - mus.: G. Hainault)

O divine Love!

Souls fly like doves towards the divine Spirit.

Their gaze softens the hearts,

the Power of the God is in their gentleness.

I praise Thee, Creator of Heavens!

I sing to Thee the love of the Earth!

O Holy Spirit! Cover me with Thy raiment of Glory!


6. S'nami Bog (Russian orthodox Liturgy)

God is with us! Listen, o people,

and submit, for God is with us!


7. Vehadi (Peter Deunov) (Cannot be translated)


8. My Heavenly Father (O. M. Aïvanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)

Our Heavenly Father, Lord of Love,

descend into our hearts and dwell in them,

so that we may do Thy Will and be one with Thee.


9. Divine Love (O.M. Aivanhov ïvanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)

More fragrant than a rose from Ispahan

purer than the sparkle of a diamond,

lighter than the breeze of dawn,

fresher than an unfolded flower

more transparent than a dew-drop,

busier than a bee in a corolla,

sweeter and smoother than its honey,

and nevertheless more and more ethereal

swifter than an arrow for sacrifice,

all peace, all joy as a mystical chalice

will one day become my divine,

my unalterable, my humble love.


10. Prayer Of A Master For His Disciples

(N. Kolesar - mus.: G. Hainault)


O my Father!

May I unite with Thee all my sons

as a sincere offering of the purest sacrifice.

Receive from the mouth of my daughters

the most beautiful praises invigorated,

amplified by the choir of Angels.

Quench my thirst from

the eternal fountain of Thy pure Love!


11. Mahar Benu Aba (Peter Deunov)

(Cannot be translated)


12. V'mrak Temnota (Peter Deunov)

Our life was in darkness.

But the Sun of life shone within us

and led us on the pure and holy path.


13. Otche Nach (mus.: G. Hainault)

The Lord’s Prayer.


14. Prayer To Melkhitsedek

(Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)

O Melkhitsedek, King of Justice and of Peace,

be blessed! I give you thanks.

Enter me, dwell in me with all your Light,

with all your Splendour, with all your Love,

with all your Wisdom and with all your Beauty!


15. Sila (Peter Deunov - mus: G. Hainault)

There is no strength like the Strength of the Spirit;

only the Strength of the Spirit is the Strength of God.


16. Liubov (Peter Deunov - mus: G. Hainault)

There is no love like the Love of God;

only the Love of God is Love.


17. Meudrost (Peter Deunov - mus: G. Hainault)

There is no wisdom like the Wisdom of God;

only the Wisdom of God is Wisdom.


18. Istina (Peter Deunov - mus: G. Hainault)

There is no truth like the Truth of God;

only the Truth of God is Truth.


19. Slava (Peter Deunov - mus: G. Hainault)

There is no glory like the Glory of Christ

only the Glory of Christ is Glory.


20. Spirit of Christ (O. M. Aïvanhov mus.: G. Hainault)

Spirit of Christ! White rays of the diamond!

Who releases the seven seals, opens the seven eyes,

grows the seven horns, upholds the seven churches,

 forms the seven stars, lights the seven lights,

sanctifies the seven days, sends out the seven spirits,

unites all in all, in a single whole,

 forms the divine harmony of the great and small worlds,

distributes determined goods, leads to the divine heart of love,

 enlivens and creates, produces and brings to Life,

 enriches and embellishes, caresses and consoles,

 blesses and enlightens, gives joy to every living thing,

sanctifies and renders wise, accumulates knowledge,

engenders all divine Love, all divine Wisdom and all divine Truth.


21. Invocation To The Nine Choirs Of Angels

(Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov - mus.: G. Hainault)

Ardent Seraphins, Brothers of Love, inflame us!

Most wise Cherubims, Brothers of Harmony, teach us!

Highest Thrones, Brothers of the Will, pacify us!

Dominations high above, Brothers of Intelligence and Faith, command us!

Invincible Powers, Brothers of the outer forms and arts, defend us!

Heavenly Virtues, Brothers of Movement and Growth, fortify us!

Sovereign Principalities, Brothers of Time, State and Dimension, govern us!

Noble Archangels, Brothers of Fire and of Heat, lead us!

Most Holy Angels, Bearers of Life and Vegetation, protect us!

So that we may serve, bless and glorify the Holy Trinity, here, now,

everywhere and always, each instant more and more,

 forever and ever! Amen!

So be it!


22. I Love Thee Lord (O. M. Aïvanhov mus.: G. Hainault)

I love Thee, I love Thee, I love Thee,

Lord God, who dwellest in the seven colours in the Most High,

 Ancient of Ancients, Mystery of Mysteries,

Hidden of the Hiddenmost, AIN SOPH.



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