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PAN means the whole, the cosmic.
EU means truth, the supreme, the essence from which all comes.
RHYTHMY means periodicity, the correct regularity of movement.

«Paneurhythmy means the art, the methods by which one adapts all thoughts, acts, gestures and feelings to the best and most harmonious rhythms of nature. One then introduces into oneself strength, beauty, proportions, joy, happiness and light.
Hidden in this dance are the great means to cultivate, to harmonise, to become perfect from all points of view, to be useful to society. The Paneurhythmy´s importance is in its music and songs which correspond to certain gestures. It makes us feel and think the most luminous and noble emotions and ideas. It sets in motion our feet, hands and head. It is based on the most judicial and spiritual laws that can put us in contact with nature's vibrations and help us balance all the forces which come to us from the world.

The Master Peter Deunov, creator of the Paneurhythmy, considered it superior to all other movements today in its ability to transform and balance man. He wanted it to be taught in schools. One may not initially grasp the profound meaning of the Paneurhythmy because it is not known yet. However, when we let go of our thoughts concerning the movements, our conscience may enter superior regions and thus our gestures will express sublime feelings that release powerful forces into the world.
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The meaning of the movements in the Paneurhythmy

Introduction to the Cycle of Spring

The awakening of consciousness. “Divine Consciousness awakens within me. I offer what I possess. and I receive from nature.“

With the awakening of the divine Consciousness, we learn how to solve life’s oppositions through a new approach. “With gentleness and love we reconcile the contradictions of life.“

We discover the true meaning of giving. “I give with generosity, and I receive with gratitude.”

Joy and suffering are both part of life’s process.

“I feel my soul’s desire for elevation and I become aware that life flows in rising and descending motions.”

With determination, we follows the ascending way. “My intellect and my heart are united and move towards the future, rejecting the old way of life.”

We selects and sorts our thoughts and feelings with discernment. “I am opened to new thoughts by
closing the gate to the old ones; I then open to new feelings by closing the gate to the old ones.”

The ground has been prepared and we can free
ourselves from past errors.
“I break the chains of the past by acting consciously.”

We express our joy of being free. “I express the joy of my soul for acquiring freedom, and I express my gratitude for the help I was given.”

Liberation has opened the portal leading to the Logos and to the Light.
“I am purified upon receiving Divine Breath and Divine Life.”

A Universal Law enables the acquisition of Light and Knowledge in oneself.
“Light penetrates within, raising me and allowing me to fly towards a new life.”

Introduction to the Cycle of Summer

In this second cycle, we will organize and elaborate the elements we has received. The time has come for one to apply what one has learned.

“I receive energies of Love and I gather energies of Wisdom which uplift me towards Truth.”

Triumph occurs when Love and Wisdom are applied in our lives. “Having acknowledged the nature of Love and Wisdom, I bow before the Almighty and in a burst of gratitude and joy, I thrust up towards the Creator.

We become conscious of the constructive process of nature which combines electrical and magnetic forces. “I weave good thoughts,I weave good feelings and I emanate my inner harmony.”

This group brings us to the summit of the acting
creative forces that support the Soul.

We reach the mental world, the world of rightful and elevated thoughts. “Entities of the causal plane! I bind to you, I am opened to your Light. Guide me, give me Light so that I may think rightfully! I want to accomplish this ideal in my life. I choose Wisdom as a limit, the protective circle of my aura.”

15 - AOUM
Aoum is the spiritual crown of the Paneurhythmy. It is the revelation of our mission on Earth: the integration of Spirit into matter. It is the letter Aleph. “I receive the energies of the Sun and those of the Earth. I reject all that is impure and disharmonious.”

All the energies of the Sun penetrate us so we can grow and develop. Vivifying energies run through us like rushing waters. Then we offer what is sublime from within. “The Sun rises inside of me, spreading its heat. It brings joy to my life. A new life bursts. I give what is best of myself.”

We connect to the influences of the four cardinal points, to the forces of Divine Justice, Virtues, Truth and to the forces of the Earth. “I have the right understanding of earthly matters. The square is the fortress protecting me from evil forces.”

This exercise elaborates the masculine forces
gathered in the square and expresses the ideal of the masculine principle. “Light stimulates the activity of my thought. I want my character to become noble and decisive.”

This exercise develops the feminine forces gathered in the square. It is the ideal of the feminine principle.
“I cultivate kindness of the heart and flexibility so that I may bring strength to my character.

Introduction to the Cycle of Autumn

Now the fruits are ripe. It is a period of sorting and deepening.

Now we must master what we have gained after
sustained efforts. All must be put to use for us to
continue our advancement and to overcome
difficulties. “Thanks to Wisdom I am in control of the forces within me. Thanks to Love I am in control of the forces within me.”

Through sacrifice and dedication, the blooming of the eternal feminine brings happiness. “I feel joy for I have acquired goodness and my joy is transmitted to the whole Earth.”

This is the moment where we can get to know
ourselves and our brothers and sisters as part of the great Universal Soul. “I unify the two principles
within me. I acknowledge that you are a living soul.

This movement brings strength to the nervous system by conveying the magnetic energies of living nature.
“The magnetism of the Earth penetrates me. Peace is instilled in me. I act with discernment. I receive and I give. I receive and I give.”

Let us never lose our serenity because life is a sacred gift that will teach us everything! “Lord, thank you for giving me life! I am filled with joy!

In this exercise, we perceive and appreciate the forces flowing through us: the energies of the Sun and the energies of the Earth. “Through me flow the forces of the Sun and. the Earth.”

This exercise expresses the unity of the three planes and the dedicated service to a unique idea: the Kingdom of God. “I am penetrated by the energies of the Earth and I balance the forces of my body. Let us work and go forward! I serve the Divine, and I love my neighbour.

Introduction to the Cycle of Winter

The two following exercises express winter, the accumulation of potential psychic forces and the period before the beginning of a new inner work. Now the active forces are within and Light comes from within.

Inspiration is synonymous to the Soul, expiration is synonymous to the Spirit. These are the two
principles of Divine Love and Wisdom. This exercise teaches us the musical way of restoring harmony.
“I desire Divine Harmony. I receive Divine Harmony. Within me all is balanced.”

Silently and calmly, we unite with the forces of the Divine World, the unique reality. The energy we received from the Divine World is passed on to the physical body. “May the Peace of God and the pure Joy of God rise and rest in our hearts forever!”

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