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NATACHA KOLESAR is the founder and spiritual director of the IDEAL Society. A pedagogue, speaker and poet, she dedicated her life to promoting an ideal of fraternity among people.

"My profession as an educator has given me the opportunity to work with people of all ages.

As a professor, I endeavor to offer my students an education which I feel is alive, as opposed to simply passing on knowledge.

Education is acquired through experience, by interacting with nature and with our fellow beings.

The promise of a brighter future for humanity is closely linked with prenatal education. Through appropriate prenatal education, our current violence-oriented society can gradually be transformed into a saner, better balanced, and more creative generation."

“Know Thyself is the title of a series of audio and written lectures given by Dr. Natach Kolesar

which open for us new fields of exploration in our eternal quest to discover.

Knowledge is infinite! Countless philosophers, scientists, artists have declared:

“The more you know, the more you realize how little you know.

Knowledge invites us all into its abode.

Yet how humble, how insignificant one feels before its grandeur!”

Lectures of Dr. Natacha Kolesar

Lecture "Prenatal Education - Hope for the Future" given by Natacha Kolesar at the United Nations

Music albums of the VERA Choir and VERA Instrumental Ensemble at the I.D.E.A.L. Society

The 'Vera Choir' started 20 years ago and with time grouped about 50 members, from various nationalities, cultures and ages.

The 'Vera Instrumental Ensemble' is composed of professional musicians who have attained the highest awards at major musical conservatories and universities.

Gilles Hainault, Music Director of I.D.E.A.L. composed most of the music pieces recorded on these CDs. He also harmonized and arranged melodies and themes by Peter Deunov.

Peter Deunov (1864-1944), a Bulgarian philosopher and composer was an accomplished violinist and composed hundreds of melodies and songs that became spiritual exercises in the school he founded at the turn of the 20th century. These simple but beautiful melodies were inspired from traditional Bulgarian folk music or from ancient sacred themes.

Music Albums

Fine Art Giclee Prints

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